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Winning blackjack for Women Only

Posted by blackjackguru on June 16, 2009

Why Women Only?

blackjack_womenThe current state of blackjack is in a period of change. Casinos are afraid of and are looking for Advantage Players – blackjack card counters who can take advantage of those instances that favor the player, winning a lot of money over the long haul. The movie “21” has sparked renewed interest in Card Counting and now is the best time to learn what works and what does not.

After years of observation, I have come to the conclusion that women have a distinct advantage over men in the game of blackjack. Here are just five reasons why this is so.

1. Women are better multi-taskers than men. A good Advantage Player (AP) has to handle a variety of actions simultaneously.

2. Women are better actors than men. Being an AP requires disguising your skills, acting dumb, charming the other players and the casino personnel to allow you to continue playing the way you want.

3. Women can sense unwanted attention better than men. A good AP knows when she is being noticed by the pit bosses and can withdraw from the casino before being the heat is on.

4. Women have better intuition than men. Women know when they are being cheated. And yes, casinos have been known to cheat. More on that later.

5. Women do not fit the profile of a card counter. The stereotypical card counter is male. The casinos are not looking for women. Female players are not expected to be winners. If you are female, you are in a unique position to beat Casinos in what was traditionally a male-dominated game.


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Team Play – How to Enlist Members

Posted by blackjackguru on February 1, 2010

The BJ-TeamOne of the most fun and profitable activities to partake in Advantage Play blackjack is joining a blackjack team. It’s fun because of the social aspects of being part of a team. Profitable because of the increased hourly win rate that a team can accomplish.

How to find members

This is going to be a function of your personality. If you are a natural leader, you will be on the lookout for others in your favorite “store” that have demonstrated skills in beating the game. How you approach that other AP is up to you. I recommend:

1. Approach them OUTSIDE the casino, never in view of personnel.

2. Mention some aspect of her play that you noticed, indicating something that only an AP would know.

3. If the AP does not give herself away as a skilled player, you can either pursue it out of respect, or drop it. I’m the type to keep at it until I get results. In one instance, it took 45 minutes of chatting at a bar with one guy I suspected of being an AP, and “going around the mulberry bush” before one AP finally confessed of his skills…and he was VERY GOOD at what he did.

4. Ask for their email address. Once you have communicated by email for a while, you will get to know the level of their skill and the degree to which they are willing to share information with you.

Strength and Honor

A member with strong skills is only one leg. The other leg is a matter of Character. Elements of Trust, Honesty, Integrity, Discipline, must also factor into your decision to bring her into your team. Here, your “spider sense” must be fully engaged. Weakness in Character will wipe out any strength in Skill. As B.A. said, “I pity the fool who does not consider Character”.

1. Does the AP demonstrate aspects of responsibility in society?

2. Does the AP demonstrate personal discipline?

3. Does the AP demonstrate willingness to share – information, table opportunity, the running count, books, bag of tricks, etc?

4. Are there signs of weakness that may be “red flags” in their Character?

In life, you can choose your friends, your spouse, and your Blackjack Team Partners. Choose wisely, and you’ll “love it when your plan comes together”.

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