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Introduction from your Blackjack Guru

Posted by blackjackguru on June 16, 2009

Making money was always important to me. I got my first job at age 8 delivering newspapers for an older kid. I was never a good employee. I started my first business at age 10, selling home-made tattoo books at school. I always preferred to doing things my own way, even though I was going against the crowd.

I opened my first scratch and win ticket at age 13. Unfortunately, the first ticket was a winner – I doubled my money. My first taste of gambling stuck with me. That one win led me to buy twenty five more tickets, and by the end I lost all my newspaper earnings plus my allowance. I swore off gambling after that, and I never bought a lottery ticket to this day.

In my twenties a friend took me to a casino and introduced me to blackjack. My disdain for gambling was palpable, and I had no respect for either the casinos, or the degenerates that played in them. How much money was being lost – money that should have gone to rent, food, clothing?

We played about an hour. I won fifty bucks. My friend won too, and I was hooked, just like my first scratch and win ticket. I heard blackjack was beatable. Was blackjack that easy to beat? If so, I was going to learn all I could about the game.

Fast forward 10 years. After 4 years of part-time play (about 1800 hours) I am up over $50,000 playing low limit blackjack games. I now know that I have statistically beaten the game of blackjack, and it feels good. Real good.

It took a lot of learning to get to my level of play. I have consumed several books, watched countless videos, talked with several professional blackjack players, practiced on various computer simulators, modeled countless playing strategies.

What I am going to teach you here is a condensed, no-nonsense winning method of play.


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