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Effects of Card Removal

Posted by blackjackguru on July 17, 2009

As we evolve our thinking about the cards, the next issue I’d like to go over is the effect of each card. Thorp came up with the original table, to describe what happens to the Basic Strategy player’s overall advantage if the deck has removed certain cards.

BS Player Advantage% BS Player Disadvantage%
Single deck game 0.1%
2s removed 1.8%
3s removed 2.1%
4s removed 2.6%
5s removed 3.6%
6s removed 2.4%
7s removed 2.0%
8s removed 0.4%
9s removed -0.4%
Ts removed -8.1%
As removed -2.4%
5,000 deck game -0.6%

Did You Know?

  • Removing Ten-valued cards hurts the most – Spanish 21 Players, take note!
  • Removing all Aces causes the player a loss of 2.4% of her total wagers placed?
  • Removing all 5’s helps the player the most – an advantage of 5.6%

One Response to “Effects of Card Removal”

  1. John said

    This is great info. Thanks for sharing, I will make sure I ll add it to my blackjack strategy toolbox.

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