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Real Stories – Meet Eve

Posted by blackjackguru on July 21, 2009

asian female card playerI noticed Eve, she’s an attractive Asian player who comes to the casino with her husband sometimes. Today she came alone, and was losing. After a terrible shoe, I asked if she would like to join me at the bar.

After we sat down, I asked her plainly: “have you been winning or losing since you started playing blackjack?”

Eve said she started winning about a year ago, and since then, she’s been steadily losing.

I asked Eve “do you know how to play basic strategy completely?”

Eve said “no but I know how to play. There are some things I don’t know”.

I then explained to her that in order to keep the house advantage over her to a minimum, she should learn and do Basic Strategy one hundred percent right.

Eve said she knew even with Basic Strategy the house always wins.

That’s when I introduced her to the world of Card Counting. I gave her a copy of Arnold Snyder’s book Big Book of Blackjack. In that book, she can learn the Red 7 count, which is an easy starter count.

I asked Eve to promise me she’ll read it before going back into any casino. A few days later, I saw Eve again, playing alone. She said she was winning, and she has read half the book so far. Eve was smiling.

Education is important. You are reading my blog, and I appreciate your investment in yourself to do the best you can at this game.


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