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Real Stories – Meet Rodney

Posted by blackjackguru on July 21, 2009

mature card playerRodney is one of the Advantage Players I like to hang out with. He’s calm, very funny, and a serious blackjack player.

Rodney likes to take an aggressive approach to the game when the advantage tilts in his favor.

I’ll let him tell it in his own words..

Last Saturday around 3AM at my favorite casino, there was a moment that I had to take a moment to think if I should split 10’s or not. The TC finally went up to +5, and I bet $160 x 2 spots. I get two tens in both of my spots against a dealer 5. At that time, a supervisor was watching me and I was playing with 2 young players from Middle East who had tattoos on their arms. After I bet that much, the young players also followed me to bet $200 each on their spots (they were not counting cards for sure). When I was making a decision, the following 2 worst case scenarios came into my mind… 1. After splitting 10’s, I would be kicked out by the casino. 2. or would be beaten up by the young guys outside the casino. In conclusion, I did not split my hands, then the dealer get A and another 5 to make 21!!! Yes, that was one of those days…


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