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How Loser Players Think and Talk

Posted by blackjackguru on July 25, 2009

winners vs losers
The following things losers say are dead giveaways that the speaker has a LOT to learn about blackjack.

1. Adding or taking out a hand ruins the Flow Of The Cards.
2. I never split eights against ten
3. Why should I split nines against a bust card?
4. Don’t double down soft eighteen ever.
5. We gotta play as a team.
6. Why’d you hit your 12? The dealer had a Bustcard 3!
7. I’ll double down for less.
8. Oh, great, someone who stands on sixteen against a face card.
9. The dealer was busting, and then we started losing when that guy left / joined / doubled down / split / stood / breathed.

The Advantage Player, although she has heard them all, does not let such talk affect her game. It’s tempting for her to school the less informed, but better for longevity to not give away how much she knows.


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