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Real Stories – Meet Kenny

Posted by blackjackguru on August 25, 2009

Kenny The GamblerKenny is one of my veteran Blackjack friends. He has a lot of casino experience, and I go to him for advice on where to stay and play.

But even Kenny can have his down days. He says he has not made much so far this year. So with great relief Kenny had a winning session that beat his worst loss. I’ll let him tell it in his own words:

So I was too lazy to backcount $25 tables, so I went to an empty table and asked “Can we make this a $15 table”. Pit person pointed out there was an empty $15 table (CSM) right beside me. I had my answer ready: “Oh, those machines do strange things with the flow of the cards, so I don’t play them” . She checked with a Supervisor, who approved it, and I had my $15 table. I kept 2 spots there for whole session, wonging out when needed, but never giving up the spots. After I sat down to play, the pit person said I could get $5 chips at the next table if I need them, and I saw that the tray at that Spanish table truly was overflowing with $5 chips, so I said, “I have some red ships already but I will be happy to help” and bought $100 of reds at that other table. I mention this as both the dealer and pit people were appreciative and thanked me. I got what I wanted (a $15 table) , and I helped them out . Everyone was happy.

Anyway, the planets must have all been in alignment perfectly for me tonight (finally!). I was getting very good Pen, dealer was breaking a lot, even when showing 10 or A, I was making my splits and doubles, and getting a larger than normal number of BlackJacks. After about 6 1/2 hours I was up about $1500, and decided on one more shoe. Mid way through that shoe at TC +4 or so, I was putting 2 x max bets down, and that continued for the rest of that shoe. With splits and doubles, I won several hands of $300, and lost very few hands the rest of that shoe. When I got home and took stock, I found I was up $3250 for the 7 hour session! I finally had a win that was as large as my worst loss. I decided not to cash out about $1000 of my chips that I had rat-holed, so I may need to go back later this week haha….. Anyway it’s nice to finally be in the + column again for the year.

Cheers guys.. may the cards be with you…


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