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Real Stories – Bad Beats

Posted by blackjackguru on November 29, 2009

Bad BeatAs the Advantage Player continues to play a winning game, there will be times when she can’t seem to win a hand. It will appear that lady luck has decided not to love you, long time.

One of my friends, a very good Advantage Player, was struggling one night to climb out of a serious negative variance session. I back-counted his game which he played from the top of the shoe. When the count went good, I sat down, but told him I would not play, I was only guarding against other players taking away the good cards. “Get ’em all” I said to him.

Instead, he got the worst beat-down I ever witnessed someone else receive. I felt helpless. Here are the two worst:

Bad Beat #1

After losing round after round as the Count went astronomic, near the end of the shoe the AP went to 3 spots x $100.

Dealer had a 6 up.
AP got T,T and T,T and 8,6.
AP split the first T,T and got an Ace and a T. Resplit and got a Rag and a T. Resplit and got an Ace and a T.
AP split the second original T,T and got two pat hands.

Total action $700 on the table. Hands of 21, 15, 21, 20, 17, 18, 14

Dealer with 6 flips over a….4, and then a T for 20.

Bad Beat #2

AP played $50 x 2 spots.
Dealer had a 4 up.
AP got a 6,6 and a pat hand on the 2nd spot.
AP split the 6s and got double down opportunities and re-splits to the max number of times.

Dealer with 4 flips over a….4, draws 4, 4, and then…5 for a 21.

Quad 4s with a 5 kicker!!!

That was probably the WORST Bad Beat I ever witnessed.


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