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Outsmart the Fast Dealer

Posted by blackjackguru on August 12, 2009

outsmart the dealerOne of the frustrating lessons in Card Counting is playing against a fast dealer. I explained this in detail in my earlier post Speed Kills..

However, you can turn the tables on the fast dealer with the following dirty secret trick – the hand fake.

If a dealer loves to give the hit cards as fast as possible, and you normally would hit according to basic strategy, raise your signalling hand to above shoulder height, and start to lower it it about shoulder height – and then stop, while moving your head forward with the momentum. This is the blackjack equivalent of Major League Baseball’s “Checked Swing”.

If the dealer is too fast, he might reveal the next card – and you have not touched the table yet. If he reveals it you now have control. You can say “wait a minute – I was still thinking and I did not hit the table for a hit”. The dealer has to leave the card exposed and available as the next card. You can now pass on it, take it, double it down. The choice is now yours.

You can only do this once against the same dealer, but it’s a neat little trick that I like to do at a new casino.


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