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Player Manipulation – Lure Them In and Out

Posted by blackjackguru on August 20, 2009

lure in other players
While many Advantage Players like to play alone, I prefer to play with others. This helps my cover, because pit staff will have somebody else to watch besides me, and if someone else plays big, I can enjoy not being the only big bettor when the time is right. Having another player or two also helps to eat the small cards both at the start of the shoe and especially when the True Count goes negative.

So here are a few tips to lure other players to the table when you need them.

Luring In Other Players during Negative Counts
– Use Your Chips. Stack a big pile of chips, especially greens. This will attract passers by like a magnet. They will buy in, and even interrupt your game. Invite them!
– Advertise Your Wins. Shout “YESSS!” when you win your next hand. It will attract a lot of attention and somebody will for sure walk to your table.
– Say “C’mon, dealer’s paying right now!” to get others to add a few spots.
– Then, I like to get up, with a big stack on the table, then answer my vibrating cell phone, and talk about how the table is winning and I can’t believe you would call me right now, blah blah blah, while the incoming ploppy starts to play and eat all them small cards.

Discouraging Others during Positive Counts
– Lose Your Chips. Rathole your chips into your purse or pocket, leaving only a couple of crumbs like $1 and Fifty Cent chips and a few reds. Passers by will think the table is unlucky and will be reluctant to join in.
– Make a sour face. It helps if you look like you just lost a bundle. Add a lost look and sad gaze into the Dealer’s Chip tray, with a slow shaking of the head, and you will keep others at bay. Result: others won’t likely join in. Continue to rathole your wins, but do it subtle.
– Slow Down Others Buy-Ins. Ask the new player to “hold on a sec. Let’s wait until the dealer makes a hand before you add a spot.” Or try “can you wait until I at least win a few more hands? I’m down over a thousand dollars and there’s only a few hands left.”

When the table is negative, try to get others to join. When the table is positive with a high True Count, try to keep the spots to yourself.


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