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Your Blackjack hand: 4-4 pairs

Posted by blackjackguru on June 25, 2009

6 decks, S17, DAS, No Surrender, Peek, Estimated casino edge for these rules: 0.44 %
D=Double down, H=Hit, P=Split, S=Stand

Dealer Upcard
2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 A
4,4 H H H P P H H H H H

Treat the 4-4 pair like an 8 and hit it. But keep a look out for the split opportunity whenever the dealer shows a 5 or 6, the dealer’s weakest up-cards. If your casino allows Double After Split (DAS), you should split your 4-4 against the dealer’s 5 or 6 only to make more in the long run. If you cannot Double After Split, just hit your 4-4 against 5 or 6.

Common Loser Mistakes:

  • Doubling down 4-4 against dealer stiff upcards of 4,5,6 in a shoe game. It is only right to do so in SINGLE DECK blackjack.
  • Losers like to quote “Never split anything that starts with F.” Don’t believe it. Advantage Players, and the really good ones, will split fours, and faces, when the opportunity is right.

Did You Know..?

  • There is among serious Advantage Players the opinion that at certain rare instances the best play changes from splitting the 4’s against 5 or 6, to just doubling down the 4’s. Knowing this is an esoteric area for Advanced Strategy Players, beyond the level of our Basic Strategy discussion. Just so you know there’s various levels of blackjack knowledge, like any other area of study.
  • Never split 5-5. Ever. Simply treat them like a 10 and double them down when appropriate. See the section on Your Blackjack Hand: 10 for more information.

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